Building high-performance recruitment teams for the UK’s hottest companies

Growing your recruitment teams is hard. Finding the talent to grow your revenues can be the most painstaking job there is. And, the knock-on impact this has on your business/division leaves you frustrated and worried that you’re not hitting your growth ambitions. We get it.
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What is the Spark?

After years’ building high-performance recruitment teams and making over 500 hires, we often get asked “what’s the secret formula?”
Is it a sports background?
Is it a savvy graduate?
Is it 2nd jobbers with some life experience?
Is it previous sales experience?
Unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward.
It’s not tangible.
It’s that intangible “spark”.
  • It’s Competitiveness
  • It’s Ambition
  • It’s Work Ethic
  • It’s Self-Motivation
  • It’s Acumen
  • It’s Persuasiveness
  • It’s Empathy

We find the sharpest talent for the following roles.

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  • Trainee Recruitment Consultants
  • Graduate Recruitment Consultants
  • Recruitment Consultants
  • Resourcers
  • Account Managers
  • Account Executives
  • Business Development Consultants
  • Sales Executives

Our Vision

A future where recruitment is an industry of choice, not a fall-back option

This is our mission

To empower sales teams to achieve. To fuel the growth of high-growth start-ups and scale-ups. Because we believe sales is the life-blood of any business. We exist to champion people with the “spark”.

A word from our clients

Spark have proven time after time that they can provide high quality graduates for our trainee recruitment roles. They have taken the time to get to know the business and have found candidates that align with our values and have helped the business grow. They aren’t a company to send CVs for the sake of it, and as a business we value the wasted time this approach can result in.

David Febrero

Spark have sourced a number of Sales Executives for our business. In what can be a very competitive market, with CVs sent with little thought on the brief, they always deliver high quality candidates and manage our expectations extremely well.

Tom Evans

We have used Spark for a number of hiring projects within the business and every time we have had a great experience. They have grasped what we look for as a company extremely well, hitting the mark every time.

Greg Evans

I have had the pleasure to work with Spark whilst working at TechNet. In that time, they produced a number of candidates of which the majority hit the mark. After a number of successful placements, it was only ever Spark that we would look to use to help source the best candidates on the market place. I would highly recommend him to any recruitment agency looking to bring fresh talent into their team.

Chris Rea

Spark have exceeded expectations when assisting me in finding top quality graduates in Manchester. The candidates they sent me were always exactly what I was looking for, head and shoulders above candidates from any other agency I have ever worked with.

James Roberts

Spark have demonstrated they can really get to understand the culture of an organisation and the client’s needs. So far, they have provided our office with numerous members of staff, and all of them have passed our standards through to completing probation.

Andy Wardill

The team at Spark have introduced a number of consultants to the RK business (in various locations) during our recent expansion. They have taken the time to get 'under the skin' of our business and the team dynamic to allow them to match talented individuals that are helping the business grow. They have continued to identify individuals that have the desire, ambition and capability to fit our progressive, professional culture. I trust them, they work hard, they give access to a talented bank of recruiters and never wastes my time - all of which make Spark stand out from a very competitive rec2rec crowd.

John Smith

Spark has been outstanding in providing high calibre graduates. The team at Spark took the time to understand the needs of our business, both from an experience fit and a culture fit. Their ‘quality over quantity’ approach is what sets them apart from other recruiters, which is reflected in the consistently high calibre of selective candidates they send. With Spark’s refreshing and honest approach, and expertise in the field, I would highly recommend them to both clients and candidates alike.

Matthew Swindell
Hiring Manager